We live in a time when human activity significantly impacts the planet. To cope with these challenges, we need new approaches and ways of collaborating. BLOX is born out of this realization.

As a national and international epicenter, BLOX engages people in sustainable design, architecture, and urban planning. An engagement driven through collaborations, cross-sector learning, events, exhibitions, and business development.

We foster partnerships based on trust: exchanging ideas people-to-people, from students to decision-makers. At BLOX we empower, co-create and facilitate the meeting between the professionals who research and create architecture, design, and urban development and global and local citizens. Inviting everyone to come together. To partner up. To question. To imagine. To experiment. To solve.

Our approach to creation is life-centered: collectively we improve the well-being for both people and planet. We aim to design a future driven by creativity, making sustainable change so irresistible that it is the only option.

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BLOXHUB and Creative Denmark, which are both some of the major residents in BLOX, offer help to professionals who are looking for partnerships or match making with other professionals.

BLOXHUB offers programs for all professionals working with sustainable urban development - both nationally and internationally.

Creative Denmark matches professionals within the creative professions - both nationally and internationally.

Facilities and opportunities for professionals

Hunt Visiting DAC10 Rikke Brams
Visit BLOX and its professional residents
BLOX Foredrag Lille
Meetings and conferences
Facilities for small and large meetings and events
R Hjortshoj Bloxhub Members Lounge
Office space
Become a member of the co-working space BLOXHUB

Professional residents at BLOX

Co-working space and professional partnerships
Dansk Design Center 08
Danish Design Center
Using design as a method for growth and innovation
Hocd Presentation Vertikal
Creative Denmark
Unfolds Danish creative solutions internationally
DAC So Danish 2
Danish Architecture Center
Exhibitions, events, learning and networking
BLOX WCA Officiel Partner

World Capital of Architecture and UIA 2023

UNESCO has proclaimed Copenhagen as the world capital of architecture in 2023. In July 2023, the international architectural association UIA will hold their annual world congress in Copenhagen.

With BLOX's focus on urban life, architecture and sustainability, and with the Danish Architecture Center as one of the main players in BLOX, BLOX is a natural meeting place during the UIA congress and throughout the architecture capital year. BLOX is an official partner of Architecture Capital 2023.

It is marked with a number of activities and events for professionals, such as exhibitions, match making, talks and social events.