BLOX Legeplads Byliv

The playground at BLOX consists of a hill (stairs) with ledges, rooms, nets and jumping fields, which is publicly accessible all year round.

Next to the playground there is a ball cage and a vertical climbing frame. Both parts are open to the public after 17, but only in the summer.

Under the hill, there is a room with swings, a sandbox and playhouses, which is not publicly accessible, but is only open to Copenhagen Municipality's daycare centers, which use the playground during the day.

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Opening hours

The playground at BLOX is open to the public.

Summer (1 April - 30 September)

8 – 22: The hill (stairs area)
17 – 22: Climbing frame and playing field

Winter (1 October - 31 March)

8 – 17: The hill (stairs area) is open, but not the climbing frame/playing field


  • 18C9042w
  • BLOX Legeplads Gynger
  • 18C9076w
  • BLOX Legeplads Vinter
  • 18C8994w
  • BLOX Legeplads Sommer

Contacts (Playground)

Vartov Kindergarten
User during daytime hours +45 21 99 59 95
Thomas Jensen
Municipality of Copenhagen Operations +45 21 15 31 56

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