350 spaces - easy, fast, central location

It is easy to park in BLOX' automatic parking facility. We have 350 spaces and are located in the center of Copenhagen: Right next to The Royal Library (the Black Diamond) and a five minute walk from Christiansborg, the City Hall Square, Tivoli, the National Museum and the many hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops in the inner city.

Your car is automatically parked underground, so you avoid break-ins, damages and parking fines.

It's easy to access the car park from Christians Brygge (adress: Vester Voldgade 129), so you don't have to spend to time searching for parking. And it is fast to park and pick up your car at the facility using your license plate number. 

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Hourly rates

(per ½-hour)

07.00 - 20.00: DKK 17.
20.00 - 07.00: DKK 9.

24/7: DKK 9.

MAXIMUM PRICE: DKK 275/day and DKK 1,500/week

You can pay with credit card, Easy Park and Mobile Pay.

Acceptable car dimensions

- 5,25 m (length)

- 2,20 m (width)

- 2,00 m (height)

- Weight: 2,500 kg

- Free space under the car: 9,5 cm

Automatic parking

  • Your license plate will register your car when you enter the facility
  • Drive into the cabin
  • Leave the car
  • Answer three security questions
  • The parking system starts the parking process
  • The parking system automatically positions and stores the car.​​​​​​
  • You have parked your car in 1 minute

You pay when you pick up your car. You pay at the user-friendly payment terminals which can be found next to the six cabins where park and pick up your car.

Enter your license plate number and pay with either credit card, Easy Park or Mobile Pay.

When you have paid, the payment terminal shows you in which of the six cabins you can pick up your car.​​

  • It is possible to park more cars in the same area than in a normal parking facility
  • You don't waste time driving around for parking
  • Comfortable and safe way to park
  • No risk of vandalism and break-ins in your car
  • Environmentally friendly
  • User-friendly - automatic parking procedure
  • Uses less visible space than an ordinary parking garage

Get to BLOX Parking

BLOX has 350 parking spaces in the center of Copenhagen. It is easy to access the facility from the main road through the City Center, Christians Brygge and it is fast to drop off and pick up your car at the facility.

BLOX Parking
Vester Voldgade 129
1552 Copenhagen V

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