Inside the urban future hub: Tour of BLOX + meet the innovators

  • BLOX Kirkegaards Plads
As part of this year’s UIA 2023 World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen, BLOX invites you on a guided tour of its experimental and people-centered vision for the future of sustainable urban development.

Date: Tuesday 4th July
Time: 15:00-17:30
Location: BLOX, Bryghusgade 10, 1473 København, Denmark

We offer transport from UIA to BLOX. Pickup by the Congress main entrance at 14.30.

RSVP to join the event: Sabina Eklund:

Event program

Designed by Dutch architects OMA, since opening its doors in 2018 BLOX has transformed Copenhagen’s historic harbor front in the heart of the city into a vibrant and synergetic hub.

Working as a multi-functional ‘mini-city’, BLOX is shaped to form connections; bringing together activists for sustainable urban development to help forge a better future through collaboration. Its glass structure opens up the boundaries between occupants, creating an inclusive and ever evolving environment for chance encounters and creativity. Now, 5 years on, what has it achieved? And what can be learnt from this Danish example internationally?

By fostering the cross-pollination of ideas through architecture, BLOX is helping shape a circular world and serving as a driving force behind the themes of the UIA 2023 World Congress of Architects: strengthening Resilient Communities, nurturing Inclusivity, and enabling Partnerships for Change.

The tour offers a focused update on the latest practices changing Danish urban planning, design and architecture. BLOX will introduce you to the CEO’s of BLOXHUB, Danish Design Center, Danish Architecture Center and Creative Denmark.

You will meet

BLOX’s leadership

BLOX is an open collaborative that brings together fresh ideas across architecture, design, sustainable urbanism and creative entrepreneurship. It is a space created to engage citizens in what our future society should be. And a meeting place for professionals and decision makers to create solutions together. BLOX contains four organizations: Creative Denmark that matches players from the Danish creative industries with global challenges. BLOXHUB, an ecosystem of 350 companies that all work to make cities more sustainable. Danish Architecture Centre that explores architecture as a framework for improving everyday life through exhibitions and an extensive learning program. Danish Design Center, the institution that for more than 40 years has helped companies and organizations drive positive impact with design.

BLOX’ CEO’s will be available: Kent Martinussen (Danish Architecture Centre), Torben Klitgaard (BLOXHUB), Majken Kalhave (Creative Denmark), Christian Bason (Danish Design Center).

Agenda - July 4 2023

15:00: Meet at Bryghuspladsen 8

15:00-16:30: Tour of BLOX hosted by Danish Design Center, Danish Architecture Centre, Creative Denmark and BLOXHUB

16:30-17:30: Refreshments on the BLOX rooftop terrasse + interview possibilities

17:30-22.00: Stick around for music, drinks and connect with the innovators across BLOX’s communities.