Video installation: Neutrino Ensemble

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Copenhagen Contemporary presents four major installations across Copenhagen as part of its major exhibition Yet, It Moves! – a pathbreaking art and science research project featuring a stellar array of Danish and international artists exploring the universe’s only constant: movement! 

From the biggest halls of CC, the exhibition extends into the cityscape where Copenhageners go about their lives (Sifs Plads, BLOX Harbour Passage, Refshaleøen and Peblinge Lake), unfolding the theme of movement – from the tiniest atomic particles in the human body to the macrocosm of the stars. Nothing stands still. Even things we consider immutable are in constant motion – within, above and all around us.  

You can now experience the artistic interpretation of the many intricate movement patterns giving shape and form to complex phenomena like exploding stars, time as a spatial dimension and how we interpret our ever-moving surroundings.

Neutrino Ensemble is a new film by the Argentinean artist Cecilia Bengolea commissioned by Copenhagen Contemporary for Yet, It Moves! The film takes us on a journey to the world of neutrinos, the smallest and most abundant particles in the universe. Bengolea creates a spectacular visual interpretation of the movement of the particles as if they were dancers in an ensemble.

Transforming cosmology and astrophysics into a dance, Bengolea connects performance and scientific disciplines as a method to study anthropology, musicology and cosmology.

The choreography features the acclaimed performer Michelle Lámy dancing and moving on an experimental fountain designed by astrophysicist Thierry Foglizzo, simulating movements of attraction between massive stars colliding and producing the particles that humans, and all things, are made of.

The film is made in collaboration with astrophysicists at the DARK research centre at Copenhagen’s Niels Bohr Institute and with Thierry Foglizzo at the University of Paris VI.

Practical information

Place: The video installation is presented on LED screens in the harbour passage below BLOX - in partnership with BLOX and the Copenhagen Cultural District (Kulturkvarteret).

Period: August 17 - October 22

Time: 24/7

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  • IMG 0509 Neutrino Ensemble BLOX
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