Urban Tree: Water reservoir and urban space furniture

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Urban Tree is a multifunctional piece of furniture that functions both as a water reservoir and as a greening solution for the urban space.

Urban Tree consists of modules in "cement-free" concrete with 80% industrial waste products, which are stacked on top of each other and greened with plants.

At the top is a crown which collects the rainwater and uses it to water the plants in the structure, so there is minimal operation. It is also a flexible, self-watering solution that can be placed directly on top of existing pavements and does not require digging like other urban trees or plant beds. In addition, Urban Tree, with its built-in bench and lighting, helps to create safe, social meeting places in cities.

CWare, the creator of Urban Tree, has made a video about the solution.

Experience Urban Tree at Bryghuspladsen at BLOX until 31 October 2023.